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  • Svět, Bali, Praha, Mladá Boleslav
  • Whatsapp: +19542323694, vydrova.eliska@gmail.com, www.elimentphoto.com, Instagram: elimentnow, FB: elimentnow

studied / vystudovala jsem

I have been everything everywhere: from an A student of a prestigeous school, proffesional athlete to an artist and beach bum. I hold an official BA in Geography, which allowed me to get lost in the world and find my pelvic floor along the way as I also gained over 400 hours Yoga Alliance Certifications. I continue to educate myself on all things women, body, self image, nutrition and sooo much more including dance, art and photography ... we all are fearless women with many talents! I would love to hear, see and feel yours! 

vzdělání související se špd

mezinárodní učitelka jógy - yin, terapeutická, vinyasa, slow flow

dosavadní praxe související se špd

praktikantka cvičící denně a sdílící špd měsíčně

my personal experience with 3x3 method / moje osobní zkušennost s metodou 3x3

I have had pelvic floor problems since I was 16. Who would have thought that a super athletic girl who can run from Czech Venice to Venice in Italy could almost pee herself along the way ... ten years and 60 countries later luckily without a surgery I found Renata, who opened my secret little box to healing - blossoming! I'm on a mission to teach this unique technique to women around the world, so that they don't have to wait ten years to live healthy, sensual and connected lives! 

group workshops / skupinové kurzy

I love leading Secret of Women's Pelvic Floor workshops in an intimate group of 10-20 women, so there is space for each individual. We create a safe and confortable environment to heal together. My next workshop in Prague is on the 28th of May. Check the calendar or contact me directly for more information! I'm excited to see you! <3 I also lead workshops worldwide and I'm open to invitations anywhere.

private sessions / individuální kurzy

I offer private sessions anywhere around the world. Contact me via email for more information: vydrova.eliska@gmail.com

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